I was just talking with some friends about photography over the weekend.  The differences from when I started to now.  Starting in 1970 when film ruled all, to the digital world we live in today.  It made me think about my journey and my life with photography.  It’s been a very long ride that’s for sure.  I don’t remember NOT thinking about photography.  My earliest memories are at least tied to photography.  So it’s crazy to me sometimes to think that this was NO accident.  Maybe meant to be?

Of course the world and life was different, but I’m talking about photography.  It was smaller, slower and I feel a lot more creative.  I feel like today everyone is a photographer in their own right and the photos all look the same.  When I started out, I remember a slower process in shooting, waiting for your film to get processed, making prints and then sharing actual prints with friends & clients!  Now it’s a blink of the eye and everything is done.

I do miss the slower film process a bit.  I do appreciate the fast digital world a bit.  BUT what I do NOT like is the look and feel of digital.  Everything is too perfect or everyone is trying for perfect.  It lacks soul!!  BUT I can say that about most if not ALL art these days.  Digital removed the soul, the substance and the feel.  Thank god I still have my soul to add to the photos!  And of course this is just my opinion.  ;-)