I want to announce my NEWEST creative adventure… PhotographyLifeCoach.com.  This website came about because a lot of young photographers have asked me for advice.  I’ve been teaching and sharing for years.  I always love helping anyone who asks for help.  I’ve been shooting for 50 years now and I’ve experienced just about everything you can.  I feel it’s time to pass it on.

First, I want to educate!  Teach what I know, what I’ve learned and still learn.  I’m a big believer in education and I love learning as much as I can.  I believe nobody ever got in trouble for knowing too much.

Second, I want to create a space for creatives that can help them with their journey.  A resource of information, ideas and inspiration.

Third, like everything I do it needs to be fun.  I started photography cuz it was fun and I still do it cuz it’s fun.  If we ain’t having fun then what the fuck are we doing here?

Check it out NOW and let me know what you think.  I want to hear your thoughts, questions, ideas and your stories!  Ask me anything or tell me everything!!