It happened again.  UGH.  I had my heartbroken by a “friend”.  This is two this year.  Disappointed and hurt.  When this happens I ask myself the simple questions… what did I do wrong?  Did I not communicate?  Did I trust the wrong friend?  What did I do right?

I’m a big fanatic on communication, I’m honest and say my truth.  I listen and learn.  I know all my “true friends” know they can come to me and ask me anything!  Ask me why I said or did what I did.  I would explain myself and my actions.  If I hurt your feelings, ask yourself what was my intent?  I know it wasn’t to hurt your feelings.  Not who I am!

I have my issues with trust and always have.  I don’t really trust too many people and I have my reasons why.  I never really have and it hurts to say that.  I have tried, but when I do I seem to get burned.  We always get hurt by the ones we love most.  I’m told this is life and how it works.  Kind of sucks sometimes.  I know my boundaries can be better and I’m working on them everyday.  I know I let people in too close, but that’s cuz I want to help where I can.  UGH.  My codependency gets me every time!!

In conclusion… I just wish my “friends” would communicate like an adult.  I do NOT read minds.  I’m tired of the pain and disappointment.  I don’t deserve it.  Most of all I LOVE my friends and I miss both of them BIG time.