Yo!  It has come to my attention that people are out there selling my photos without my permission.  I appreciate all the concern from friends and fans.  I also want to explain how this works and is supposed to work.

  1. I own the copyright to any and ALL images I shoot.  Unless there is a buyout, which has happened in the past with TV Networks and some album cover shoots.  Otherwise I own what I shoot!  
  2. You also have to consider the Artist in the photos.  Some artists own the rights to their likeness and merchandise cannot be sold without their permission.  Books, prints, postcards, catalogs and other merchandise can sold as Chris Cuffaro’s work, but I cannot sell them as official artist work.  Make sense?
  3. To all the people out there selling my photos as “art”.  You do NOT have my permission to do so.  You don’t have the artist permission.  You need to stop NOW!  I work hard for my art.  I’ve been shooting for over 45+ years now and what you’re doing is theft.  Simply wrong.
  4. Through the years my photos have been stolen and used for T-Shirts, bootleg albums, 7” singles and more.  Back then it was cool to have your images used on cool things.  Not so much these days.
  5. These days it’s stupid.  The internet and social media has fucked me and ALL photographers.  I have lawyers and a service called ImageRights.com that searches the internet looking for illegal uses.  The ones we find we go after.  Still not an easy process.
  6. People are gonna steal and make shit.  I just hope the people don’t buy the shit.  Why would you want to spend money on fake, low res quality shit?  Spend your money on quality art because you will appreciate it longer and it’s the right thing to do.  Also we can’t stop the people making shitty products, but we can educate everyone not to buy the shitty products.

In conclusion… Would you want someone to steal your handwork?  I’ve worked hard for my art and it’s not easy these days being a photographer.  The business has changed a lot in the last 48 years.  All I ever asked for was respect and manners.  If you want something from me, just ask and use your manners.  Please and thank you go a long way and do NOT cost a dime.