YO!  A message to all the photographers out there… PLEASE shut up and shoot!!!  What do I mean by this?  I mean stop sitting on your ass in Clubhouse, social media and your annoying YouTube channel talking about photography!  Who fucking cares?  Get off your ass and shoot!  DON’T shoot for your followers, your friends, your “fans” or for the attention.  Shoot for you and your soul.  A photographer is someone who takes photos with a camera, not talking about taking photos with a camera!

50 years from now ALL you gonna have is the art you create.  Probably by next week nobody will care.  NOBODY will care about your BTS videos, YouTube channel, followers and what fucking camera you used.  NOBODY will care if you used one light or two.  NOBODY will care what preset you used.  ALL that will matter is what you created, your experience creating it and who you helped along the way.

I’m so tired of everyone talking about photography!!!  Back in my day… we never talked about photography.  We just shot, made mistakes, learned from the mistakes and repeated.  We did the work and did it again and again.  We didn’t talk about how we felt doing it.  We didn’t sit in groups talking about the gear, the light or the film.  We talked about if the client was happy, did we get them what they wanted and how can we get paid to do it again.  So… shut the fuck up and do the work.  PLEASE.