I get asked a lot by my friends about the secrets of a successful life.  Once in a while I get into serious conversations with my young friends and help them see the BIG picture.  Life is a marathon and you gotta pace yourself.  Live your best life and just do the work.  The one question I hear most… “What does do the work mean?”

This is the number one advice I give, because it was given to me when I was 26 years old.  It’s been my mantra since then!  DO the work means always do the work on everything in life.  Mental, physical, emotional, financial, relationships, business, love and having fun!  You can always work harder and do better.  Never settle on anything.  Never stop doing the work.

If you ever feel like you’ve done the work and done your best, do it again.  Just keep doing the work.  Don’t stop ever.  Keep doing the work until you can’t and then do it some more.  It’s kept me alive and going after all these years.  I promise you I will get up tomorrow and do the work.  It’s simple and easy!  It’s the best simple advice I can give you.  SO, shut the fuck up and do the work.