YO!  Just have to say my favorite time of year is here!!!  SPRING TIME YO!  WOO HOO!  Bring it on!  Hopefully the rain is past us and the sunshine is here.  Time for walks on the beach, walks in the park and neighborhood walks.  Love being outside and getting some sun.

Seriously… this is the time of year for Spring Cleaning.  I go through my vault and home.  Clean out the old and useless stuff in my life.  Clean out the shit I don’t need or want.  I’ve always had a simple rule… If I haven’t touched something in 5 years, it has to go.  NOT everything, but just the stuff I do not use or need.  I hate having stuff I do not use or need.  Lose the old stuff and make room for more NEW stuff.

ALSO what I love about Springtime is shooting outside on location.  Downtown, beaches, alley, desert and more.  Love having fun outside and taking advantage of the nice weather.  And of course eating more ice cream is really the best thing I love about Springtime and warm weather.