How you holding up?  Having fun yet?  Staying safe and healthy I hope.  Taking care of your health is everything during these difficult times.  You gotta go slow and easy everyday!  I take it one day at a time and just focus on my health.  My mental, emotional and physical health.  If I do that everyday I get shit done and feel good about it.

I work hard everyday with my plan.  I stay creative as I can.  Since there’s little to no shooting jobs I focus on testing with friends.  I love shooting more than ever and it’s what keeps me sane most.  When I shoot I’m happy.  When I have a camera in my hand I’m happy.  AND I just feel good about everything!!

One more thing… rest is so very important.  Make sure yer getting a good nights sleep every night.  Make sure yer getting quality rest.  I’m finding that if I get the rest I need then I make better decisions!  I’m also working on my diet these days as well.  LESS sugar and more healthy foods.  What are you doing to stay sane?  Any suggestions?