Let me vent for a moment.  Let me say what I gotta say!  Nothing annoys me more than ignorance, willful ignorance and stupid fucking people.  We seem to have a shit ton of them in America, Inc. these days.  Like too many fucking stupid people.  I know there has alway been ignorance in the world, but cuz of stupid/social media and just the way the world is, it is amplified.  

What annoys me a lot is the people who are stupid and proud of it.  They run around making stupid comments and smile.  Then there’s the people who are so stupid they don’t know it and the dumb fucks who support them.  I’m talking about Trump, the Republican Party and all the dumb fucks that support those stupid fucks.  How stupid do you have to be to support a party that does NOT give a fuck about you?  They don’t give a fuck about anyone but their donors!  Wake up!

What about the stupid fucks who won’t wear a mask?  OMFG!  Just shut the fuck up and wear your mask you selfish stupid fuck.    And to all the fucks that talk about “freedom”… with freedom comes responsibility.  COVID 19 is a nasty virus that has shut down the world.  The STUPID virus has been here since the beginning of time and has done more damage.  We need BOTH removed!  Everyone needs to grow the fuck up and get smarter NOW!