What is success today?  How do you define success?  I’m curious cuz the idea of success has changed a lot for me and the my business.  Back in the day success was album covers, ad campaigns, TV galleries, magazine covers and editorial spreads.  These days I’m just not sure.  I ask the question of the young photographers I mentor.  They all have different opinions and ideas.

It’s still getting published, but also a few more things.  It’s getting likes and followers on instagram.  Getting traffic on their website.  Getting recognized and tagged.  Most of all getting paid!  That’s the one thing that hasn’t changed.  Gotta make money yo!  Like lots of money!!!

I’m curious about you thoughts on this.  Please let me know in the comment section!  I want to know how you define success today.  I think for me today… success is being alive and healthy.  AND eating ice cream.  WOO HOO!