YO!  Summer is here!!  WOO HOO!!  This means… sunshine, the beach and ice cream!  SO excited to have some super fun.  I’m so ready for summer.  Actually more than ever.  Been locked up inside working all day everyday!  I need some sand, sun and surf.  And some more ice cream.

Seriously, I have a busy summer ahead of me.  Super focused on up coming exhibitions and big travel plans.  Lots of planning and production as always.  BUT because it’s summer I’m gonna take one day a week and do a beach walk!  It always feels good and gives me energy to do more work.  I need to get me some serious sun and work on my tan!

What do you love about summer?  What are your summer memories?  Swimming pool or beach?  Some of my best memories from my childhood come from summer.  My lemonade stand was a big success!  My playtime was longer cuz the sun didn’t go down till late.  Most of summer for me is about long days, more work and sunshine!  Lets make this summer the best summer!!!