Let’s go way back in time and let me tell you a story.  When I graduated High School I got my first job in the photography biz.  It was a HUGE opportunity to say the least and it changed my life forever.  I got a job at Superior Color Lab in San Jose!  It was a custom lab that catered to local professional photographers.  The owners were Frank Miceli and his wife.  

Frank was the best in so many ways.  I worked there for almost 4 years and he taught me so much.  I learned color theory, how to build darkrooms, run a business and so much more.  I got to see so much and he taught me everything he could.  I was a curious fuck for sure.  The one big thing he did was believe in me and my dream.  He used to give me free film and tell me to go shoot!  Free processing and printing with everything I did.  He supported me like no other.  I would call him my first and most important mentor.

I got the sad news a couple months ago that he had passed at the age of 101.  Like holy fuck!  I will always be grateful to Frank and everything he taught me.  I will never forget the support he gave me from day one.  He was my first mentor in my photography life.  He wanted me to move to LA to pursue my dreams and gave me the first best advice.  The day I said good-by and moved, he simply said… “Every no brings you closer to a yes!”  That has stuck with me and has kept me going these last 42 years!  Thank you Frank for everything!!!