I need to thank ALL my best mates in Australia for showing me the love!  The exhibition, the shoots and the good times are very much appreciated.  I’ve been coming to Australia for over 30 years now.  I consider it my home away from home.  My best mates always take good care of me, support me and put up with me.  I always have a great time in Sydney and Melbourne!  It was a little sad sometimes with ALL the smoke, but I’m in awe of everyone who is fighting these horrible bush fires.

Special thank you goes to Tali Udovich at Blender Gallery, my publicist Karen Griffen & Nadya Balzaroo for BIG help with Greatest Hits: Michael Hutchence.  ALL my friends I can NOT list cuz that list is way too long.  Super shout out to my best mate in Melbs Mia Klitsas at Moxie.  The biggest hug goes to one of my oldest friends in Sydney, the amazing Kim Medich.  Also to everyone who stopped by the exhibition… I hope I made you smile cuz that’s why I do this.  See you soon mate!!!