cc_visagesIf I go way back to the beginning of my career in Los Angeles it has to start with the Photo Agency Visages.  How did I get there?  Its a crazy story… In the beginning, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… NOT!

I was working at the best B&W Lab in Los Angeles, Photo Impact.  I had been working there for about 2 years by this time.  I knew of Visages Photo Agency because photographer Herb Ritts was represented by them and we did all his B&W work for years.  I don’t know ALL the details, but on December 15th, 1984 Herb went up to Malibu to shoot Olivia Newton John’s wedding.  The owner of the lab Don asked me if I could come in on a Saturday to process the film and make prints for the press.  It was a big deal at the time and a big rush.  I was more than happy to do the job and help out.

An agent from Visages Robin Patton was given the task to pick up the film in Malibu at the wedding and then bring it to me while I did my job.  She was supposed to wait for me while I processed the film and made the prints.  BUT it did not work out as smooth as she liked.  After I processed the film we found out it was blank!!  No images!  Ouch!  She had to call Herb and let him know the bad news.  He had to shoot new photos and send his assistant with the film so I could get it done.

While Robin and I waited we got to talking.  It was awesome.  She was so nice and listened to my dreams of becoming a photographer.  I was lucky to have a lot of my work there at the lab and was able to show her.  She loved what she saw, gave me some great advice and in the end invited me to come down to the agency to meet the owner Marissa.

Weeks later I want to Visages, met with Marissa & Robin.  They were super nice, but did not sign me to the agency right away.  It was fine cuz I was still learning and not exactly sure what the fuck I was doing.  I worked the relationship, did what ever I could and they always helped me no matter how big or small my problem was.  Months went by, lots of work and then one day Marissa asked me if I wanted to join their agency!  Of course I said yes and the rest is history.

To this day I owe my the start of my career to Don, Robbin, Herb and Olivia Newton John.  Its funny, but true.