What do you want and what do you need?  It’s two different things, but at the same time it can be both.  We want and need good health.  We want good friends, but we don’t need good friends.  We need and want love, but who do we need it from and who do we want it from?  I go back and fourth with this more now than ever.  I think about what do I really want and need.  Who do I want and need?  Ugh.

Here’s what I want… good health, good friends, good relationship, good work, good challenges, good inspiration, good fun and good love.  What I need… ALL of the previous plus ice cream!  I need my ice cream!  Seriously… my list has changed through the years.  For now… what I need is health and what I want is love.  

Let’s get back to basics… it’s OK to want and need.  It all depends on what and who.  Just know what and who is important to you.  Just remember to be grateful and respect your choices.  It’s never easy, but please take care of yourself always.  Want and need will always be there, just be smart about it.