I’m tired.  SO very tired.  I know I’m not the only one.  I’m tired of the war we are living in the middle of.  I assume you see, feel and hear it as well.  It’s not a civil war or the war in Ukraine.  It’s the war that has been going on since forever HERE in the USA.  They don’t use bullets and bombs.  They use media, special interest and money.  It’s not a war between the GOP vs Dems, liberal vs conservative, rich vs poor, black vs white OR believers and nonbelievers.  It’s the war of intelligence vs stupidity!!!

Everyday and I mean every fucking day we are bombarded with noise through social media about everything!  You see stupid people doing stupid shit all day everyday!  You see smart people trying to get stupid people to see the truth!  You see stupid people with small minds afraid of everything that they live for in their small little worlds.  You see smart people getting beat down for talking about nuance and substance.  You see stupid dumb fucks in power making decisions and choices that effect everyone.  Most off all you see ALL people being paid off and owned by big money corporations!

Our government is bought, paid for and owned by the ruling class.  They do NOT give a fuck about you and never will.  AND you see the stupid fucks being scared into supporting them and not seeing they are being used!  The ruling class uses money and fear to stay in power!  

Here we are in the middle of all this bullshit everyday getting fucked and making no real progress.  America is a shitty fucked up country and if you ever travel abroad, you will agree.  NOBODY is perfect, but this country is at war and it’s a fucking joke.  This is my opinion and I could go on and on, but I will spare you.  I’m curious if you see what I see.