Congrats!  Yer a “Photographer”.  You have a camera, a website, social media and a business card.  You do shoots for clients and fun.  You’ve even been “published”.  Also your friends always ask for free photo shoots!  You know you’ve made it when your friends try to freeload off your handwork and talent.  That’s the first sign of yer a “photographer”.

What’s next?  That’s always the big question?  Now what?  When I was twelve I met a photographer in No-Cal.  Nobody special, but he gave me the best advice that has lived with me for a long long time… “Yer not a real photographer until you create images that will last forever.”  Since that day, that is ALL I have worked to do.  So far, so good.  What about you?  What have you done to create images that will last forever?  Do you even care or want that?  Are you happy with where you are at?  Will your photos last the test of time?

Years later I learned the expression… “Go BIG or go home”.  This is about going BIG with your art, business and life.  It’s about doing more and doing it great?  What have you done that is GREAT?  What can you do that is GREAT?  What have you done lately that is GREAT?  What have you done today to be your best?  Look for the answers!  Do the work!