I was asked this by a friend in Clubhouse… How do you define success?  What is success?  Is is money?  Fame?  A body of work?  Iconic photos of icons?  Being published?  Or is it ALL of the above?  Or something else?  For me it has changed through the years.  My first success was falling in love with photography.  My second BIG success was moving away to Los Angeles.  

Of course when I was young getting paid, published and acknowledged was success.  Seeing my photos on billboards, in magazines, on album covers and in tour programs was success.  Getting paid and paying my bills is success.  These days it has changed… being healthy, waking up and being alive is success.  Longevity is my biggest success!  Still being inspired, creative and passionate is success!

What is my next success?  My basic list is health, wealth and happiness.  Professionally speaking I want to create and produce my TV series.  I want to publish books, have more exhibitions and continue being my best.  I also want to help other succeed cuz that makes me smile.  Now that I think about it… I’ve been successful.  WOW!