YO!  I meet all sorts of young talent.  Talented photographers, musicians, models, actors and more.  They all have dreams of fame and fortune.  They want to star in movies, have their own TV shows, tour the world, perform on the big stage and make millions of dollars.  And they wanna be loved most of all.  This is all good, but not easy.

I always ask the simple question… what’s your plan?  Most if not all stare at me and then ask… what do you mean?  Everyone has dream and goals.  Most do not have a plan.  You have to have a plan for your life and work.  You have to prepare and plan everything.  I have since day one.  I’m always making plans!!!  I plan for the day, week, month and year.  A plan for a shoot and my exhibitions.  I plan everything!!!

My advice is to start small and then go BIG.  Start with a plan for the week.  Start by sitting down and making a plan.  Don’t forget plans will always change, but starting with the basics is easy.  I like to plan each year and month with ideas and goals to achieve.  I keep them simple and attainable.  I set myself up to succeed and not to fail.  Make sense??