cc_fallinloveI’m going to get a little deep now.  I love this simple question – “When did you fall in love with…?”  In my case lets talk about photography!  I fell in love with it way back in 7th grade.  I shot my first photos in 6th grade, but I did not know what it would mean to me.  It was in 7th grade I took photography and met my first teacher Mr. Kitajima.  Still not in love, but I was getting close.  I got to shoot my first roll of film and then was taught how to process the film.  NOT yet!  Then we got to take the negatives into the darkroom and make prints.  YES!!!  That was the moment I fell in love with photography.

Seeing my stupid little photos come to life in the developer changed my life.  I knew right then and there my life would be photography.  I look back now and I see that moment like it was yesterday.  I can remember how it made me feel.  The joy of knowing I just fell in love with photography.  I was hooked like a addict on the best drug ever.

After 45 years I love photography more today than ever.  I’ve had my ups&downs in life and my life has never been easy, but photography has always been there for me.  I like to say its my blessing and my curse.  I have NO idea what I would be doing if I wasn’t a photographer.  It’s given me so much… Friends, experiences and so much more.  I wouldn’t have all that I have without photography.  So I just need to say THANK YOU and keep doing me best.  #BeGratefulAlways