1988 was a BIG year.  My good friend & make-up artist Kathy Jeung was working with George Michael at the time.  They were looking for a photographer for an up coming video shoot.  George hated doing photos and hated the idea of getting his photos taken.  Kathy told him he would like me and we would get along.  So I get to go down to the studio for the filming of FAITH.  I spent two days shooting a great video directed by Andy Morahan.

George was nice enough to let me do a couple set ups on the side, as I shot all sorts of production stills.  What started out as couple simple days turned into a year of shooting George for ALL his videos, touring the world with the FAITH tour and creating some of his most iconic images.  I have to say it was the best year ever!  I did more, saw more and experienced more than I ever imagined.  It also spoiled me BIG time.  Flying first class, best hotels and VIP treatment made it unforgettable.