OK.  I’m sorry to bring this up again and again, but it makes me nuts.  I watched a few YouTube photographer channels and then checked out their work.  If they put the same effort into their actual photography as much as they put into their videos they might be good.  I see so much boring, bad, generic, average and soulless photography from these kids.  They are trying too hard to be “perfect” and forgetting the most important part of photography… SOUL.

It kills me that people watch these video instructions and think this is way it’s done.  It’s a small part and don’t forget it’s their opinion.  Back in my day we just shot, made mistakes, worked for established photographers and did the work.  Now days everyone is looking for a short cut.  There are NO short cuts.  Being a photographer is a life and not a job.  Best advice I ever got… Shut the fuck up and do the work!!

I’m sure there are some good photographers on YouTube, but I’m sure I haven’t found them yet.  I will keep looking I promise.  My advice to all of them… practice what you preach!  OR stop talking and start shooting.  Maybe watch your friends videos and learn something new.  Maybe you should say yer a teacher and NOT a photographer.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I do NOT understand today’s world of photography.