YO!  Gotta ask… how many of you photographers went to YouTube University?  How many still do?  Who was your teacher?  What did you learn?  I’m curious because I spent a day looking at a lot of photographer YouTube channels.  I wanted to see what the kids are doing these days and if it made sense.  I watched more than a few clips.  I tried to be subjective and understanding.

What I found was a lot of bullshit from “photographers” acting like they “experts” giving opinions about photography.  Selling products, giving lame advice, acting like they are a “master” and thinking their opinion was the final word.  I understand todays world of learning is different than mine.  Back in my day you looked at books, looked at magazines, worked for working photographers and did shit on your own!  I’m a graduate from the school of “hard knocks”!  Got my masters degree way back in 1978.

To the teachers… please go easy.  If what you say is true, can you please add the words “in my opinion” once in a while.  What works for you does not always work for everyone else.  Also what have you done?  What work did you create that makes you think you are a “master”?  I’m just curious.  Last… NOT so fucking serious!  It’s just photography, it’s not brain surgery.  And just cuz you can communicate and teach doesn’t mean yer right all the time.  Relax and have fucking fun!!!

To the students… Take it all with a grain of salt.  If they say 10 things… find the one thing you can use.  What ever the teacher says is NOT always true.  Question everyone and everything.  YouTube University is cool, but nothing beats doing things on your own and figuring it out yourself.  Do the work!!!  Be curious!!!  No matter what… have fucking fun!!!