Dita Von Teese

A collection of photos from shoots with Dita Von Teese.

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  • Krensley

    Dita von Teese never fails to astonish me, and she never fails to make me swoon with admiration. She is an American original, and what she’s done in the last 16 years is to evolve a persona that functions on many levels — fashion, fetish, goth, etc. — all the while defying categorization. And it’s all hers. It’s a product of a real creative person. Over a dozen years ago she was ahead of her time, mating hints of goth with classic pinup imagery. Today, she still accomplishes the feat of presenting a persona that inhabits a cross-section of cultural platforms, all the while articulating her own unique perspective on lifestyle. This is the real deal.

    And I’m seeing here “unplugged” photos giving glimpses of the woman behind the persona. Photographic coup, and it’s beautiful.

george michael