cc_hateI don’t really like the word hate or even have those kind of feelings ever.  I prefer to dislike things, but for the sake of this post we can use the word “hate”.  Here’s 10 things that I dislike, annoy and hate.  In no particular order of course.

  1. Stupid People – There are way too many of them and they are everywhere.
  2. Slow Drivers – Again, too many of these losers on the road!  Move over!
  3. Pudding – Yes I hate pudding and any kind of type of pudding.  Ewe!
  4. Lazy People – People who complain about life and yet do NOTHING about it.
  5. Noise – Barking dogs, loud music and unnecessary noise!  Fuck me, I sound old.
  6. Talkers – People who talk about what they are gonna do, but never do anything!  Pretty much most people in LA.  Just shut up and DO!
  7. Avocados – Got sick on them way back in High School and now I can’t get close them without feeling ill.  Ugh.
  8. Wasting Time – I’m a time management freak.  I hate wasting time.  Time is money baby!!!  Lets NOT waste either.
  9. Most Doctors – NOT all, but a lot of doctors out there are idiots.  Medicine is a guessing game and they get paid to make educated guesses.
  10. Pain – I hate pain most of all.  ALL kinds… Emotional, physical, financial and everything else you can thing of.  It sucks!