Every day is a work day.  Everyday I’m open for business.  I’ve always scheduled my days and weeks out.  Always planning ahead.  Here’s 10 things to do on a Monday…

  1. Coffee – make sure I have a good cup before I start my day.
  2. Emails – go through my list and send out emails to my people.
  3. Clean Up – Clean up my messy weekend.
  4. Calls – create my call list.  Make my calls.
  5. Post Production – make my list and do my list of post production work.  There is ALWAYS something to do.
  6. Walk – Go for a walk!  Get out and walk!!!  Need it.
  7. Social Media – make my plan for the week.  Always plan ahead.
  8. Meetings – do my meetings at home or online.
  9. Weed – Smoke some weed at the end of the day!
  10. Sleep – At the end of the day, be grateful and get my sleep on!  Good sleep is good health.