02.23.92 | L7 – Rolling Stone

My first and only shoot with one of my favorite grunge bands of the 90’s.  I saw L7 play many times and they fucking rocked!  I had met them before this shoot so I knew them a bit.  This shoot was quick and easy.  We shot at my favorite studio Studio 46 on Pico Blvd.  The same place I directed my music video with Pearl Jam back in October 1991.

I remember the grrls showing up ready to go.  I got like an hour to shoot what I could.  It was for a small article so the budget was super small if any.  Shooting for Rolling Stone was always good.  My goal was to shoot quick and move on.  I took them out back behind the studio.  Lined them up against the wall and shot!  What I love about this shoot and the photos is that it really captures the band.  It captures that time so well.  L7 rocked then and still do to this day!