25_jeremy25 years ago today I direct my first music video!  I was lucky enough to have Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam trust me enough to give it a shot.  I’ve written about this before and you can read that post HERE.  Today I want to reflect on the aftermath and what I learned.

After I directed the video I worked real hard to direct more.  It wasn’t easy in anyway.  The people that hired directors at the labels just did not trust photographers.  They thought we couldn’t handle the big productions.  I had to prove that I could and I did.  I look back now and laugh at all the people who said no to me.  They of course are not around.  ME… I’m still here and I’m better than I’ve ever been.

I was lucky to have some great people that believed in me and helped me grow as a director.  I didn’t go to school for film or directing, but then again I didn’t go to school for photography.  My Producer, Director of Photography and Editor taught me the most.  I was lucky enough to be with a small company for a short time and their support was priceless.  Having support in your dreams and work is key to being successful.

I was so happy that Pearl Jam and Epic Records loved the video.  When I watch it now I