pj_whigsLet’s get in the time machine and go back to July 14th, 1991 and see what’s going on.  I was in NYC for work and vacation.  Spent the 4th of July week in the Hamptons with friends.  After vacation there with the New Music Seminar in the city.  I was looking forward to seeing the Sub Pop Records showcase with all sorts of cool bands… The Afghan Whigs, Rev. Horton Heat, Gorilla, Codeine and for some crazy reason Pearl Jam.  I guess they had an open slot to fill or someone got confused.

I was looking forward to meeting The Afghan Whigs and Pearl Jam.  I was set to shoot them both the next day in the studio.  Both shoots were spec shoots.  I had told the labels I would shoot them for free if they had the time.  I wanted to meet this Pearl Jam band cuz I heard so much about them and The Afghan Whigs blew my mind from the first album!  So, on Sunday the 14th I was all set to go.

First up, Pearl Jam at 12pm.  The band arrived and was in pretty good sprits.  This was my first shoot with the band and the first time meeting them.  I had followed the Seattle music scene for a while so I knew the history of the band.  ALSO I knew Eddie’s grrl friend back in LA.  At this time they were in-between drummers and had Matt Chamberlin filling in.  He was an amazing drummer and could play with anyone.  The shoot went pretty smooth, but the guys were a bit shy.  I knew the pix would not really be used since Matt was not the drummer.  I knew they were working on a permanent replacement.

Eddie and I connected on our love of Jane’s Addiction and music in general.  We had a few mutual friends that we talked about.  I remember Stone & Jeff being happy as can be, while Mike was so shy.  I think he was new to the game and just laid low.  Overall a great first shoot with the band.  I knew from this shoot that the band would be huge.  I remember telling my agent the next day that Pearl Jam was going to rule the world cuz they had that “IT” factor.  Something I would see in very few artist, but when I did it was real!

After they left, The Afghan Whigs showed up at 4:30pm.  I was so pumped to meet Greg and the band.  This was my first shoot with a Sub Pop band and it was big deal for me.  The guys were too cool and the shoot was super easy.  They had just spent the day at NME and had their passes on.  I told them to keep them on for the photos.  Then I realized the tags had the wrong names.  Ugh.  Both shoots were super fun and it started two great friendships.  Shot Pearl Jam again months later in Seattle, toured with them for a bit and got to spend some fun times with Eddie.  The Afghan Whigs used one of the photos for their Congregation album for Sub Pop.  A huge deal for me at the time and a big honor.  To this day I can call Greg Dulli a friend.  I’m also an even bigger fan.

So… 25 years ago I was having fun and the time has gone by too fast.  The good news, I’m still having fun.  The bad news, there is no bad news!  I will always have fun no matter what!  Thats why I win every time.  Woo hoo!