01.31.92 – Rollins Band | Imago Records

It took a while, but I finally got to shoot Henry Rollins!  I had seen the Rollins Band play Lollapalooza a bunch of times, but this was my chance to have them all to myself.  We did the shoot at a studio in Santa Monica.  I think it was the original Smash Box, not sure.  It was an easy shoot.  The band was mellow and Henry very cool.

What I remember most was my friends challenging me to try and get Henry to smile.  He was so serious with his image and look.  I had no problem at all.  Henry was in a good mood and the band followed.  I got lots of pix of him smiling and more.  My favorite shot is the one you see.  The close-up!!  His eyes are so intense and he looks so serious.  So Henry!!!