05.23.96 – Farm Dogs | Discovery Records

This was my first shoot with The Farm Dogs and their leader Bernie Taupin.  It was for publicity & packaging.  We did the shoot at Smash Box Studios in Culver City, CA.  I was hired my the manager Michael Lippman and it was such a cool shoot with a bunch of cool musicians!

I remember shooting in Sky Box studio for the day.  Did a couple simple ideas and had fun.  The band was Bernie Taupin, Dennis Tufano, Jim Cregan and Robin Le Mesurier.  Just a bunch of legends!  Meeting Bernie for the first time was amazing.  He was super nice and just the best.  I ended up shooting him a couple my times after for different reasons.  

I love meeting and working with icons!  They have never let me down once.  Bernie has written more great hit songs than I can remember and was so nice to me.  Pure class.