06.17.96 – Fiona Apple | CMJ Magazine

This is a BIG one for me now and then.  I shot Fiona Apple for CMJ Magazine at Smash Box Studios in Santa Monica, CA.  This was the original Smash Box.  Before the moved to Culver City and my favorite studio.  This shoot was done before her first LP came out.  She was fucking amazing in every way!  I was told by the publicist that this was her second photo shoot ever.  The previous one was for her cover.

CMJ asked me to get a couple great portraits for the magazine.  I did 3 different set-ups.  I focused on getting the best out of Fiona.  She was special.  She had the “it” factor and I wanted to capture it.  She reminded me of Eddie Vedder.  They both have that passionate edge!

I love the results to this day!  So many great images of Fiona.  SO many great moments from one shoot.  I’ve barely shared a few great ones, but trust me there are so many more.  Like a fucking lot.  Thank you Fiona for being so great and special.