07.21.95 – Wayne Shorter | Polygram Label Group

I think this was my 2nd shoot with Wayne Shorter.  This one was for Verve Records and was shot in Santa Monica.  It was for publicity and packaging.  Wayne was and is a jazz icon.  He was so cool.  I first met him back in 1986-ish for a shoot I did for Musician Magazine.  This shoot was fun and easy cuz Wayne is the best.  We shot in a studio out next to the beach.  Did 4 setups and just let Wayne be Wayne.

The album was called High Life and I found out years later that it won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album.  I think that’s the only Grammy any album I shot won.  I did over 250+ packaging shoots and one out of 250+ is not bad.  Could be worse!!!  ;-)