Another year.  Another birthday.  Another stupid birthday post.  Ugh.  This getting old thing is so not for the weak.  This shit is NOT easy.  To all my young friends… enjoy your youth cuz it doesn’t last forever.  To my middle aged friends… hold on tight cuz this shit is for real.  To my friends that are older than me… why the fuck did you not warn me?

Seriously… I’m grateful for another birthday.  I’m grateful for the amazing life I have.  I’m grateful for the real friends who love, support and put up with me.  I’m grateful for the fact I’m still doing what I LOVE for the last 54 years!  Thank you everyone!!!

This next year is probably my biggest and very important year.  I really need to feel better, do better and make serious shit happen.  I wanna come back next year and write a post about how everything I wanted to happen did happen.  I wanna be able to celebrate my best year.  There is lots to do and I will do it.  I’m looking forward to the process!!!  Just watch me do the work!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!!!