What an honor it was to shoot the legend, Bobby Womack, for his album
“Save The Children back” in 1989.  Growing up on R&B music made this shoot extra special, and the fact that he was amazingly nice and super cool made the experience so much better.  We shot at a studio in Hollywood, while next door, Annie Leibovitz was shooting for Vanity Fair.  That’s all I knew.  Later in the afternoon, my assistant told me that she was shooting Michael Jackson.  Bobby was happy to hear this and asked me to go over and see if he could stop by and say hello.  I thought that it was strange to bother her shoot with a dumb request, but I did it anyways.

Later that day there was a light knock at the door.  I answered it and there was Michael standing in front of me with his crazy uniform.  I just stood there and he said, “Hello, is Bobby here?”  I was like, “Uh, yes…”  Then he just walked in and said hello to Bobby!  Michael had a great visit with us for about 15 minutes.  He was so nice to everyone.  In the end, Bobby asked Michael for a quick foto together.  I quickly took this one shot and Michael was out the door.  It was a surreal 15 minutes, but a good 15 minutes.