Like you I was shocked to hear the sad news of Chris Cornell’s suicide on Thursday the 18th of May.  I woke up to texts from a handful of friends freaking out.  I quickly turned on my computer to read the news.  I’ll be honest… It hurt and broke my heart.  It seems so unreal and makes no sense.  It also made me angry.  Why would he do this to his family?  What ever the reason that drove him to do this doesn’t matter.  He’s gone and it’s heartbreaking.

My favorite memory of Chris is the fact that he wrote a song about my photo of Perry Farrell in his Jesus Christ Pose.  I’ll never forget the time I saw him after song came out and thanked him.  I told him it was better than him writing me a love song.  We laughed!!!

I haven’t seen Chris in a very long time, but when I think back to all the photo shoots and concerts I smile BIG.  Chris was always good to me and always a great subject.  All my memories and moments of Chris are special and I’m so grateful for everyone one of them.  Chris… RIP.  #grateful #thankyou