Dear Clubhouse Photographers,

Hello.  How are you?  Having fun today?  Working hard?  I just wanted to ask some questions and give some unsolicited advice.  Is this OK?

My questions… How do you get work done when yer on Clubhouse all day everyday?  How do you find the time to get real shit done when yer all talking for hours on Clubhouse?  Last, when it comes to photography topics, do you ever really learn anything that helps?

Now my advice… Less talk, more work.  There is always something to do if yer a photographer!!!  Preproduction, production, post production, marketing, social media and more.  Get busy yo!  While yer listening and talking shit, there are photographers in your city doing the work!!!  Get busy and do the work.  Clubhouse is fun and can be educational, but like ALL social media… keep it to a minimum!

LAST… to my friends in Clubhouse… please think about this!  It’s just my opinion and thought.  Just think about the amount of time you are spending on Clubhouse and how effects your work/life.  That is all.  Thank you!!!