YO!  It happened again.  And again.  I keep making the same mistakes and then I beat myself up for doing it again.  My pattern is simple… someone needs help, I help where I can, they don’t appreciate the help and then stop talking to me.  No thank you, no respect and no appreciation.  This has been going on my whole life.  I know and understand it’s NOT them, it’s ALL me.

This is what’s called codependency and it’s all my fault.  I spent years in therapy learning how to deal with this pattern of behavior and to this day I slip up once in a while.  I don’t want to NOT help when needed, but this pattern is tough on me and my self esteem.  I need to tighten up my boundaries and make sure I’m clear with my intentions.  I need to make sure I help those who ask and set some ground rules.

Some simple words of advice for everyone… if someone helps you, please say thank you and show some appreciation.  Treat them the way you want to be treated.  Manners don’t cost any money and make everyone feel good.  As for me… I will always help, but I need to make sure I’m clearer with my boundaries.