This shoot was and always will be very special to me as it was Fiona Apple’s second photo shoot ever for her 1st CD, Tidal, in 1996.  I was hired by my great friends at Epic Record to shoot her for some publicity pix, and needless to say, I was blown away.  Fiona was quiet, shy, dark, and moody in all the right ways.  I could tell fairly quickly that she was so much more than a musician.  I knew this was just the beginning for her and there were bigger things to come.

In addition to having an edge, she was so sweet.  By the end of the day we sat in the make-up room and just talked about her music and her journey.  We laughed, and of course, I bored her with some of my advice.  I told her, “Get a sense of humor, enjoy the journey and just keep perspective!”  This final portrait captures Fiona at a very important time in her life.  I’m so proud to have met her, shot her and spent quality time with her before she became the genius artist that she is.  Thanks Fiona!!!