Many years ago when I was young I was exposed to The Beatles and became a big fan!  Growing up, my favorite Beatle was George Harrison.  Now, fast forward about 20+ years – I got the chance to photograph George for the cover of Musician Magazine. I was their West Coast photographer thanks to my friend and genius creative-director, Gary Koepke.

Gary asked me to shoot George, but warned me that the label had some concerns with his time.  I got the Warner Brothers Records in Burbank and was told I would get 15-30 minutes at the most.  So, we set up everything up and waited.  When he showed it was amazing, to say the least.  Not only was it George, but he also couldn’t have been any nicer.  The writer, my assistant, the publicist and myself ended up spending 2 hours shooting, talking and listening to his NEW CD, “Cloud Nine.”  He told us that “we were some of the first to hear this new CD,” and WE all felt honored.

At this point in my career, this was the BIGGEST musician/rock star that I had ever shot.  He was also my favorite Beatle, so it was the best day ever.  I remember that I got to ask him questions about Hard Days Night and he was cool with answering them.  You see, that movie inspired me to want to shoot musicians.  That movie was my favorite and still is.

It ended up going so well that I was asked to shoot him again for his video, “Got My Mind Set on You.”  It ended up being another brilliant day because at one point, I found myself sitting at a table alone with George.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was one of those many moments where I ask myself, “Who am I, and how did I get here?”  We chatted and talk about all sorts of stuff.  It was one of the best moments of my photography life to this day – George and Me just talking.  Like wow!!!  All I could think about was seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, Hard Days Night and buying all their records.  Crazy moments like these keep me going till this day!  I’m a lucky fuck as I like to say.  I will never take anything, anyone or any moment for granted.  The best part about my stories is that I have pictures to prove it.