YO!  Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve made ALL my Greatest Hits catalogs available now.  Not just the George Michael, but all of them.  You can go HERE to order.  They are all signed by me.  These catalogs include…

Greatest Hits: Black&White
The best of my B&W music photography.

Greatest Hits: Color
The best of my Color music photography.

Greatest Hits: Live & BTS
The best of my live and behind the scenes music photography.

Greatest Hits: Proof Sheets
A collection of my B&W proof sheets from my Greatest Hits.

Greatest Hits: Los Angeles
The Greatest Hits for my 2017 Los Angeles exhibition.

Greatest Hits: Martini Ranch
A collection of photos from my Martini Ranch exhibition with James Cameron.

Greatest Hits: George Michael
A collection of photos from my George Michael Sydney exhibition.

If you have any questions please EMAIL me.  Thank you!