HO HO HO!  Tis the season!  Yes, another Christmas is here and that means only one thing for me… Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special and sweet treats!  I play the soundtrack to Charlie’s Brown Christmas everyday at least once during December.  It sets the mood and makes me feel fuzzy.  Since I am NOT in Australia this year I’m doing my best to make this holiday as FUN as possible!  Not gonna be easy, but I will try.

If you know me then you know all I do is work.  I love to stay busy and creative.  BUT I do like to enjoy me some good holiday spirit even when I’m on the beach in Australia.  I’m actually gonna go do a beach day here in LA this holiday.  Not the same, but still nice and fun.  Of course I will listen to Christmas music while I’m there.

My message to everyone… PLEASE be safe, take care of you, love your family and be grateful always.  These are tough times and we need to embrace love and respect more than ever.  Simply put, go easy my friend and have a safe and happy holiday!  HO HO HO!!!