cc_hasselbladSpeaking if cameras… I’ve gotta talk about Hasselblad cameras cuz they fucking rule.  I got my first one back in 1982.  It was 500ELM, black and so damn awesome.  I used it like crazy and it never let me down.  It was built to last and go to the moon.  I ended up with a couple more bodies and a half dozen lenses by the time I was done.  I loved the square format, the lenses were the best, 12 shots on a roll and I loved how it felt in my hands.

Now days I use a Hasselblad H1.  I’ve had it for 10 years and it never let me down once (knock on wood)!  It does everything I need and I have no need for any other camera!  I use it with a Phase One P25 digital back and I’ve never shot one roll of film through it.  I love this camera, but honestly its time for an upgrade.  Some day soon I’m going to upgrade my camera and digital back.  I want the latest and greatest, but who has 50k to drop on a camera/back?  That’s the only thing that bothers me these days… Cameras are stupid expensive!!!  Even my system cost me more than a BMW!  Holy fuck, that’s crazy!