I’m launching another site for fun!  Good on ya mate.  This time around it’s HeapsKeen.com!  What the fuck is this website all about?  Simple… right now it’s my snap shots from Australia from the last few years.  It will grow more into snap shots from everywhere and everything.

I love my iPhone camera a lot and honestly it takes great photos!  I’ve actually used it for a job or two.  It’s that good.   When I travel I love to shoot pix like everyone, but I shoot what I like and how I like.  NOT a big fan of selfies so you won’t see too many of those.

Check out HeapsKeen.com today and let me know what you think.  I’m gonna update regularly and have some fun.  AND yes I hear you asking me the big question… will there be anymore websites coming soon?  I can’t promise anything, but you never know.  I have lots of free time these days.  Ugh.