cc_pennI told you how Richard Avedon inspired me and was my hero.  Well there was another… Irving Penn.  He did it all and more.  He did it with style and grace for many many years.  I loved all his work.  The fashion, the portraits and the still life.  All it was brilliant.  I have more than a few of his books.  I studied his style for years and dreamed about having books like him.

My favorite book is called Passage (published by Callaway Editions in 1991).  Look for it and you will not be disappointed.  The beauty of this book is that it covers many decades of his career.  It shows how great he was from the beginning and just kept it going year after year.  I often wondered how he did it.  Did he ever get bored or tired.  Did he know how great he was?  I’ve heard stories through the years of people that work with him and he sounded like a true genius and a nice man.  I wish I could have met him just to say thank you.