This was my first shoot with Johnny and by far the best.  He was leading P.I.L. at the time, but still a punk rock legend.  He showed up to the shoot with his publicist on time, but I was told he had to do a phone interview before we started.  I set him up in the make-up room with a phone and went on setting everything up.  The next thing I heard was him swearing at the phone and slamming it down.  We were all a bit taken back, but when he explained that the interviewer was full of shit and did NOT know what the fuck he was talking about, we all understood.  Johnny told me, “If you are gonna interview someone, please do your fucking research and not waste his time.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Then, we started to shoot.

The best part of the whole day was when I shot my first Polaroid and asked if he wanted to see it.  He looked at me as serious as he could be and said, “Do not waste your time showing my because I will hate it.  I hate everything!  That way I do not stress or worry.  I’m consistent.”  What a crazy genius.