There was a time, long ago that I use to tour a lot with bands or at least shoot them when then came to Los Angeles.  I use to love running around in the pit and all over the stage to get my shots.  Sometimes I had too much fun and got a little beat up.  One of my tricks I use to do when shooting a band multiple times was to write their set list on the back of my backstage laminate.  After the first show I would write notes on the pass so I would know where the be for a certain song to get the best photo.  I felt planning ahead, knowing the best moment for the artist and the lighting got me the best live photos!

I really took this idea to the next level when I shot Jane’s Addiction through out 1991.  I think I shot over 20 shows in 1991.  They were fucking amazing!  I covered the beginning of the Ritual tour, Lollapalooza and the “Last Show” in Hawaii.  I knew their show backwards and forward.  I was lucky because they let me shoot the whole show.  I knew where to be for the best moments and got them ALL.  I’ve always prided myself in planning ahead, even when shooting live shows!

I kept all my notes & laminates for some reason.  Now when I look at them I smile and thank God that I have the photos to remember these amazing moments!  I also laugh at the good times and the crazy times.  One of my best laminates is my 1991 Lollapalooza one.  WHY?  Because the back of it has a photo of me.  Why is this special?  Well… I was up for like 48 hours straight, flew to Phoenix, took a cab to the venue, they took my photo for security reasons and made my laminate.  I look at the photo and all I see is one tired Chris.  Holy fuck!  I forgot to mention it was 114 degrees at the show and the stress of the first show made everyone nuts!  NIN played one song and walked off.  Dave & Perry got into a fight on stage before and during the encore.  By the time I got to my hotel I looked and felt like a zombie.  Seriously, great times!