YO!  I got something to say and I’m gonna say it.  I know this won’t be easy, but I want you to hear me out.  This is only MY opinion!  I have met lots of new musicians and bands these days.  There’re so many it’s so not difficult.  Music today is content and treated like content.  Every day a new song gets released.  Everyday someone drops a new video.  They come and go.  What ever comes out today is forgotten in a few days.  It’s the world we live it and it sucks.

Now here’s where I sound like a cranky old man… Today’s musician is doing too much.  Creating music, doing social media, publicity, managing and more.  A lot of the young ones are learning on the job.  Some have some help and some NO help at all.  My big complaint… they don’t listen and don’t take the time to really plan anything.  They all say they been doing music for a long time (since they were a kid)!  They all think cuz they can sing they should get into the music business.  Now here’s what they don’t understand… it’s the BUSINESS of music!  Business is ALWAYS first and foremost!

Back in the day musicians and bands had a record label, manager or agent for help.  Now they have themselves and I see mistakes everyday.  The first big one they make… they don’t listen.  If you don’t listen you don’t learn.  When I started I was given great advice… surround yourself with the best and get out of their way.  Ask questions and shut up.  Look to those who have been there before.  Most of all have a plan!

I do that ALL the time.  They need to do the same.  What I see is them surrounding themselves with friends or managers that don’t have the experience or understanding of the biz.  They don’t know what a good photo is or how to create a story with the photos.  They post just to get attention and when the photo is bad… that is NOT the attention you want.

My advice to ALL young talent if you don’t have help… ask questions to people that have been there before.  Listen, learn and find help!  Just don’t ever think you know everything.  After 52 years I’m still learning everyday!  Like every fucking day!  I just learned that young talent is just that… YOUNG!!!  What do you think?