How many websites do I have.  Right now I have 5.  Why? is what yer thinking.  You wanna know what the fuck is going on here and why!  Please let me explain.  First, I love making WordPress blogs!  Second, I have a lot of work and ideas!  Third, I find it creative and fun to make.  If I didn’t have the work or ideas I wouldn’t be doing them.  Here’s a simple breakdown… – My original website that is everything ME!  My portfolios, videos, stories and more.  SO much to see!  Check it out NOW! – Everything for my Greatest Hits project!!!  Videos, galleries, press, interviews, stories and so much more.  If you love music this is the site! – This is for all my new work with new talent.  I started this 3 years ago!  I love showcasing my newest work this way so it doesn’t get lost in my past. – Celebrating 50 years of photography!  Well almost 50 years.  It will be official at the end of 2020.