cc_posterwishI was recently asked about all the artists I’ve shot and mostly about the ones I haven’t.  I’ve had my hit list for over 25 years now, but now we call them “wish list”.  So, I’m gonna give you my top 10 artist/bands that I would love to shoot.  No real order, just contact me if you are on it!

  1. Prince – I know we could have some serious fun and make some great photos.  I did hang out with him once backstage, but did NOT have the balls to say anything to him.
  2. U2 – bring it on boys!!!  Lets do this!
  3. Lady Gaga – seriously I know we would kick some ass and she would love me.
  4. Cherri Bomb – LOVE this band!!  My new favorite!  Someday soon I promise.
  5. Die Antwoord – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call me.
  6. Dr Dre – I’ve been wanting to shoot him since NWA’s first album.  I’m tired of waiting.  Lets do this sooner than later please!
  7. Eric Clapton – I need this one for so many reasons.  First, he’s my guitar hero.  Second, he’s Clapton.  Third, Clapton is God.
  8. Snoop Dogg – another one that I’ve been waiting for.  I’m tired of waiting Snoop, lets meet & shoot soon.
  9. Sir Paul McCartney – A Beatle, Duh!  I just wanna spend time with him and have a chat like I did with George Harrison.
  10. David Bowie – I have photographed SO many musicians who have played with him.  I really would love to shoot him and get that great portrait.